Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UGG Love!

Hi lovelies!

I wanted to remind you about the GIVEAWAY because there weren't any interested people so far sadly but there's some time until January 1st 2012 ( 10:00am est.)
So about the UGG love. I know UGGs are so old but I just never get bored of them. I wear them with basicly anything starting from jeans, leggings jeggins, sweats, skirts, dresses. I adore them. I've actually got 2 pairs of UGG boots. One tall black and one short sand. Both in a size 6. I've also got one pair of faux UGG booties by H&M in this chestnut color with fur on the sides.. well here's the picture on the side ->. I have them in a European 37 and I love them. They're so comfortable.

So in the comments tell me about your favorite shoes :)

Natalie <3

BTW starting project 10 pan. I'll tell you about that tommorow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glitzy Love + small GIVEAWAY!

So today I'll be sharing a few things that I've been loving such as:
my new BOURJOIS new 3D Effect Mobile lipgloss in transparent and these orange bow earings that I'm actually giving away!
So here are the rules!
1. You must be a follower (not only for the giveaway)
2.You must link the giveaway in a post on your blog.
Extra Options
link it on twitter and send me a link with it in a comment below
(that gives you a double chance of winning)

So the other things I'm sharing are:
- my charm bracelet from DIVA that i posted about yesterday
- my vintage sweter with a bow pin that I found in my grandma's jewlery box

Let me know anbout your favorite's too :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

DIVA Charm Bracelet

Hi Loves!

I forgot to tell you about the DIVA Charm Bracelet that I actually got from my boyfriend for Christmas ;)

Well, it's a very affordable charm bracelet and looks very classy. There are many charms to choose from. You can get the bracelet in the silver or gold color and the charms also. There's a huge amount to choose from. I've got the bracelet in gold and I have three charms on it. One cupcake (on the picture below) a half of a heart because the other half my boyfriend has on his keychain. I find that really cute, and lastly I have a music note. All of my charms are in gold. I'll actually add a pic of mine tomorrow because I'm going to pick up my camera. It was broke :(.
Tommorrow OOTD's comming up ;)
BTW... What would you like to check out on here?

DISCLAMER: This is my honest and personal opinion, and I'm in no way trying to brag.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Original Source - Mango Macademia Shower Gel REVIEW

Hi guys!
I wanted to review the Original Source Shower Gel in Mango Macademia.
I know I've just had it since yesterday but I've tooken two showers with it already.
The scent is amazing. It makes you just want to eat it all up. The gel it self is very creamy and foams up nicely. The packaging is nice and I love the little note at the bottom saying "packed with natural stuff!" :) It's just adorable. Anyways the gel is amazing. It's a polish company. I got it from my aunt.
And NO ONE is paying me for this, it's just my honest opinion by a product gifted to me. I have no idea how much it is because it came in a set but check out their products. It's worth it!

BTW! Tell me in the comments below what you'd like to see here. I've got some OOTD's comming up. ;)

Christmas Haul

So there's no way I'm trying to brag or anything but I'd like to show you what I got for christmas this year.

1. Samsung Avila la'Fleur
2. An Original Source Set (showe gel, scrub, bath foam)
3. The Lauren Conrad Style Book
4. Varius Make-up
5. An HP laptop
6. Varius Sweets
7. A few DVD's

So in the comments below let me know what you got for christmas ;)


So there's no way I'm trying to brag or anything but I'd like to show you what I got for christmas this year.