Monday, December 26, 2011

DIVA Charm Bracelet

Hi Loves!

I forgot to tell you about the DIVA Charm Bracelet that I actually got from my boyfriend for Christmas ;)

Well, it's a very affordable charm bracelet and looks very classy. There are many charms to choose from. You can get the bracelet in the silver or gold color and the charms also. There's a huge amount to choose from. I've got the bracelet in gold and I have three charms on it. One cupcake (on the picture below) a half of a heart because the other half my boyfriend has on his keychain. I find that really cute, and lastly I have a music note. All of my charms are in gold. I'll actually add a pic of mine tomorrow because I'm going to pick up my camera. It was broke :(.
Tommorrow OOTD's comming up ;)
BTW... What would you like to check out on here?

DISCLAMER: This is my honest and personal opinion, and I'm in no way trying to brag.


  1. Sure we can give you some tips. : )

    The most important is to comment on other peoples blog and don't forget to leave you link. You could also create a Twitter or Facebook account for your blog and start to promote there too.

  2. Hey Natalie! Thank you for following my blog ( I am now following your blog...I am looking forward to reading more. It looks great so far, let me know if you need any help.