Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OOTD Tests, Nails, Sorry but I'm Back!

Hi Ladies!
Sorri I've been gone for so long but so much has been happening in my life this month. I promise to at least post twice a week from now! 

What do you think of the OOTD's and what would you like to see next? LET ME KNOW BELOW!

I've got so much comming up  ahead of you girlies!

 Dress - Pretty Girl, Blazer - Reserved, Shoes- CCC

Nails Eveline Cosmetics French Duo and OPI Settin' Up Sparkle on Top, ring Katherine
 Top - New Yorker, Shoes- Graceland, Skirt - Stradivarius, Blazer Reserved, Bracelet and Earring Van Heusen
Nails - You're  a Gold Mine by Essence

Leave so comment below!
LOVE you!
Natalie Ce

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  1. nice outfit.