Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions!

Hi Loves!
Happy New Year 2012!

1.Ok so let's begin with the first resolution. I've been promising myself a tatoo for a while. I know I'm 16 but my boyfriend has got this tatooed also and i think it's a really inspiring slogan. I mean just look at the pcture on the side. It's amazing! I adore it. I want to get it like November/DEcember 2012 but i just want to go over my fears and get it done ;)
2. NO REGRETS! Ok, so you have one life to live so live it to the fullest. I try to live by that every day as well as "Live, Laugh, Love". I know that there are many things hard to forget but sometimes it's better to move on and be happy than live a sad and boring life. Even if you're shy and lonely take advantage of your life because you can really do a lot with it. TRUST ME!
3. A blog post every other day at least! ( I'd rather it be every single day though) :)
4. Start project 10 pan.
5. Start eating healthy. I'm a person who loves junk food and fast foods. I don't eat them that often but I'd like to start exercising and eating more fruits, vegetables and vitamins.
6. Begin saving up money, not only buyin things as soon as I get it iny my hands.
7. Do more with my passion - photography and take atleast 1000 pictures by DEcember 31rst 2012 ( but once I reach that my real goal for the whole year is 10,000 :) )

So tell me your resolutions and plans for 2012.


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