Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Remember to Feel Beautiful

Hi Ladies!

So about two weeks ago I was contacted by Jackie. She does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and she wanted to share something with you guys. Every lady touched by any illness especially cancer should ALWAYS feel beautiful. So here's what she has to say. I'm really touched and I think this is a great topic. What do you girlies think?
I Am Too Beautiful For Cancer
By; Jackie Clark

The diagnosis of cancer is devastating. It does not matter what kind of cancer; the word alone sends a woman into a whirlwind of emotions. Some cancers are considered non life- threatening; others like mesothelioma cancer plunge a woman into a fight for her life. Facing doctors, extensive treatment and medical facilities can take a toll on a woman's self- esteem.

Treatments that involve radiation and/or chemotherapy can sap her strength, make her feel exhausted constantly and drive her into depression. Add losing her hair, watching her skin change from a healthy glow to showing the effects of the chemotherapy and it is a wonder any woman can smile. There are things a woman can do to create a better outlook and lift her spirits.

One easy thing a woman can do is to update her wardrobe during her treatment. Bright colors, current styles and at least a couple of pricey items can help a woman's self- esteem. If she looks good, her confidence raises, which in turn boosts her immune system to help her body fight the cancer. With a stronger immune system fighting the cancer, her
prognosis will be better.

Scarves around the neck or worn in place of a hairpiece are not only stylish, they are a classic traditional style. Online sights are rife with different ways to tie, wrap and embellish scarves for the
head and neck.

Make up should be part of her fashion style, if she chooses. No one should tell her that she needs to wear make up--it is her decision and her decision alone. Jewelry can accent the fashion choice, and compliment the woman's tone and style. People should refer to the woman's confidence and her great stylish look. Her favorite perfume will also help to boost her self- esteem and her outlook.

The clothing should take into account any medical devices, implants, shunts and so forth. Light, loose clothing should not interfere with these devices, and should open easily for treatment. After treatment, it should close and button or snap so the device is hidden from view. This helps, because people in general tend to focus on the devices instead of the woman.

Some cancers cannot be concealed, such as skin cancer on the face. Make up is not recommended during treatment, and bandages may be bulky. Scars can be covered with make up later, but wearing a new shirt, blouse, dress or other garment should be focused on instead of a prominent bandage.

Overall, it is important to encourage her to dress her best, taking her shopping and complimenting how she looks can save her life. Fashion enhances ones overall self-confidence and when a woman feels strong she is better able to combat her cancer.

This is a really amazing post and I'd love to hear what you Loves! My readers, think of this topic!



  1. Hey thanks for commenting on SmellsLikeFashion. Such an interesting post from you, thanks for sharing!


  2. This is a lovely post! Anything we can do to lift the spirits of someone who is going through cancer is wonderful. And if boosting spirits can help in any way boost their immunity then sounds good to us.

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  3. This is definitely an amazing post. Anything to make a woman feel beautiful, whatever she may be going through, is essential.

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